Science of Numbers

The science of Numerology, as originally taught by Pythagoras born in 609 B.C. Numerology provides direct knowledge of the inner self and from this basis of Self-understanding, we are able to direct a determined course through Life. Numerology recognises that numbers are Vibrations, and each Vibration is different from the next due to the number of cycles it oscillates at per second. The Variation in each case is a number. Every Sound, Colour, Fragrance and Thought is a vibration, and each dances to the tune of its inherent number, each in its distinct way connected to life. Human life has an intimate connection with numbers, for they are the very essence of life's expression. To Penetrate the deeper level of human awareness(which numerology allows us to do), it's important to understand the three folds of human being, and how our 'Three Selves' are intimately connected. Three terms are used to succinctly and simply describe our three selves: Basic Self, Conscious Self , and High Self.

Astrologer Satinder recognises ‘Phythogorize’’ (the greek philosopher) as a great thinker, Astrologer and Numerologist.

He quotes his philosophical dictum:-  

                                        ‘’ Evolution is the law of life

                                          Number is the Law of Universe

                                           Unity is the Law of God’’

It is an established fact that there is a mysterious correlation between certain observable objective (physical) phenomena and the inner working of people (Antahkarna) . in astrology we consider the relationship between the planet’s ( 27  Constellation also ) positions at a person’s birth and his specific traits . in palmistry, the key relates the lines and bumps of the hand with the person’s characteristic and , in numerology , the key related to the individual’s name and bith date with his nature . in numerology we are to concentrate on psychi energy , vital force and the vibratory effect of numbers.  Counting number is not a simple mathematical process.  Complications arise when some important and special attention is desired by certain digits ( Master Numbers)  for example Master Number  11, 22 .

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