Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology


Astrology is a Science of Planets and Stars . Medical Astrology is a branch of Astrology.  Just like,Medical  Science has many branches  Biology, physcis, Chemistry etc.  Medical astrology is an ancient medical system that associates various parts of the body, diseases, illnesses  as under the influence of the sun, moon, and other planets, along with the twelve astrological signs.

We all want and wish for healthy body and healthy Mind, so that we can live and enjoy this beautiful life which God gave us.  But when in our Natal Chart, any Planet is afflicted or badly placed, it means the Energy of that Planet is  disturbed and  the  part of body which it rules and effects will have negative consequences. And over the period of time  when our immune system can’t handle or cure it then one day it inflicts us as a Disease or illness.  there are many factors:

first, a person got disease by birth.

Second,  a person got disease at certain age.  Usually in most cases person is very healthy in his early years but afterwards he/she reaches around 12-13 yrs, his or her body start giving indications of Bad Health.

Third,  a person is having disease in his early years. (Before 12) like Brain and Nervous system slowing down. Slowness in all activities, i.e. Epilepsy, Digestive System and many other. We must be really careful about this. Because if anybody is having issue in early age, it shows that this person is not going to stay healthy in his whole life. This is the time of development of our Body and Mind. If our body and Mind is not properly developed, one can’t live a healthy and happy life.

In all  cases Medical Astrology is Very Helpful and sometime it gives really fine results. We all know it and Science also proves that ‘’Anything that has an Atomic Structure will have an Energy Field that Surrounds it’’ Every human being has it own Energy field depending on the placement of the planets in his/her horoscope. Every Planet’s Energy is Interrelated with Colour.  Planets send their  Energy forces traversing through space and reaching upto the individuals where they act at specific body parts to modify and regulate their actions.

Ayurveda , There are 7 systems in Human body. Planets assigned to various systems are :

First: Moon- Blood System,  Second :Sun-  Bone , Third:  Jupiter – Fat , Fourth:  Mars- Maroow,  Venus – Genital,   Mercury- Flesh , Saturn – Nervous System. Food Taken into body first changes into the blood system and finally reaches upto the Nervous system. From  first system to seventh system if  any planet is afflicted or badly placed in person’s horoscope, it creates obstruction in that body part and results Disease or Ailment. In simple words, Real cause of disease is nothing but the effects of the adverse planet.

Planet's malefic  & adverse effect should  be counter-acted by suitable remedial measures and Gemstones.  Gemstones are ‘’NECTOR’’  for those who are suffering from disease , illness or unhealthy, unwell or unsound mentally. Gemstones are perennial source of cosmic rays, as they absorb specific Wavelength of Energy from the Planets.  They absorb specific Wavelength of Energy and colour and infuse it into the body to counter-balance the malefic & adverse planet’s Energy, which is causing disease and illness.  For example : if you made a dish and its was very bitter - what will you do ?  You will add some sugar in it to balance the bitterness. Same sense our body is a dish if somewhere salt is accumulated, we shall add some sugar in that area so that it comes to balance.

Proper use of Gemstones may give you curative beneficial results. They are not only helping you to cure your disease and illness but gives you protective shield also.  


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