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Astrologer Satinder is considered to be devoted and keen observer and expert and versatile interpreter in the field of astrology . he has studied strenuous and systematically the whole range of knowledge of which one end is mythology and the other pole is experienced God consciousness. In between comes theology , Occult sciences, Spirituality, Astronomy, Numerology, Bhrigu darshan, Red book, Vedic and Western Astrology . he seems to have understood the interrelatedness of these various disciplines. 

One cannot help appreciating him for his love and dedication in specific field of Astrology. Especially his microscopic and scientific calculations of the various planets in their ascending order and also the descending movements and thus giving a different shade of understanding in the field of astrological interpretations. Philosophically understanding of this position , Astrologer Satinder gives due weight to the in between static positions of the various planets in their 12 houses.  As between the ascending and descending movements of a particular planet, the momentary stationary state of the planet becomes an informidable resultant necessity.

Astrologer Satinder a WORD-WORSHIPPER. Spent his childhood in an atmosphere of intellectual awakening . he became ardent follower learning , scientific/ logical thinking and humanistic outlook. The dream of transcendence was in his blood and imagination. Questioning , questioning and questioning up to the extent of reaching the answer, became an intellectual trait, which flowered into Astrologer Satinder’s  becoming an expert in astrological calculations and intuitively reaching correct conclusions. Luckily he found in Dr. G S Mann ( an internationally celebrated Astrologer) ‘’A Guru’’.  Dr. Mann holds a PhD. Degree on poetic drama and a D.Litt degree on theatrical arts. Dr. Mann delivered lecture on Astrology and human existence in USA  where, on another occasions , he was invited to participate in a conference on Indian astrology. With whole hearted dedication , Astrologer Satinder learnt systematic astrology and other allied sciences such as Vedic & Western Astrology , Numerology, Palmistry , Colour Therapy, Vaastu Shastra .  A peep into the mythic and  pseudo-sciences of our ancient times made his intellectual foundations firm and unshakeable.  

In the recent years, Acharya Pawan Kumar Shukla ,a master belonging to a long generation of astrologers, accepted Astrologer Satinder as his pupil.  With his life long experience of Astrology , he taught Astrologer Satinder the true life philosophy of a budding astrologers. and also the spiritual belief system, which becomes a vehicle of astrological judgements. with it Astrologer Satinder learnt in depth ‘’ Divine Law of Evolution’’ as propounded by the Modern Sehaj Yoga Teacher.

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